Opening Statement

"Empowering beauty in unity: nurturing your journey in aesthetic mastery, where your strengths meet my expertise. together, we unveil the true art of aesthetics, embracing both vulnerabilities and triumphs. In this reciprocal dance of teaching and learning, we each grow, sharing wisdom and experiencing the enrichment of deep connections.”

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Elevating Your Professional Journey

Overview of Aesthetics Mentoring with Jessica

Aesthetics Mentoring with Jessica is a specialised program aimed at nurturing and advancing professionals in the aesthetics industry. This program focuses on both business growth and personal development, offering a unique blend of clinical skill enhancement and business acumen. By participating, you will gain insights and strategies essential for thriving in today’s competitive aesthetics landscape.

Business Analysis Service

Our Business Analysis service is a comprehensive assessment designed to strengthen your business foundation. This process includes:

Review of Business Plans

Evaluating your strategies for alignment with industry standards and growth potential.

Financial Analysis

Insightful overview of your financial practices, highlighting areas for optimisation.

Clinic Operational Assessment

An examination of your clinic's operations, identifying efficiency improvements.

Social Media and Marketing Evaluation

Strategic analysis of your online presence and marketing tactics.

This thorough analysis aims to identify and fortify areas of weakness, setting a solid foundation for your business’s success.

1-1 Mentoring Program

The 1-1 Mentoring program offers personalised guidance, focusing on:

Tailored Business Advice

Strategies and solutions specific to your business challenges.

Professional Development

Guidance on management, leadership, and personal growth.

Flexible Communication

Access to support via Zoom, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

This program focuses on offering continuous support to foster your growth and keep your business moving forward.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Jessica's Mentoring

Learn from an acclaimed expert, celebrated with awards like the ‘UK Clinic of the Year’ (2020 & 2023) and ‘Top Aesthetics Practitioner in the UK’ (2023).

Gain insights from the recipient of the ‘Best Facial Contouring’ award in 2020, highlighting her exceptional skills in this intricate field.

Benefit from Jessica’s leadership skills, as recognised by her position as a runner-up for the ‘Best Training Academy UK’ in 2023.

Be mentored by a finalist for the ‘International Aesthetics Practitioner of the Year’ (2024), showcasing global recognition of her skills.

Learn from a mentor whose academy is a finalist for ‘Training Provider of the Year’ (2024), indicating a high standard of education and training.

Jessica’s role as an Official Judge at the International Beauty Awards (2023) reflects her commitment to and respect within the aesthetic community.

Benefit from her expertise in managing top-tier clinics, as evidenced by the nominations for ‘Aesthetics Clinic of the Year’ (2024).

Immerse yourself in a learning environment fuelled by Jessica’s passion and unwavering determination, essential for success in aesthetic medicine.

Jessica’s journey of overcoming challenges and continuously innovating provides invaluable lessons in resilience, a key trait in any dynamic industry.

Access a wealth of knowledge spanning technical, artistic, and business aspects of aesthetic medicine, enriched by Jessica’s extensive experience and achievements.

If you’re ready to take your aesthetic skills to the next level, reach out and let’s discuss how this personalised one-on-one training can be a game-changer for your career. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your professional journey.

Benefits and Outcomes of Enrolling

By joining Aesthetics Mentoring, you can expect:

Enhanced business performance and growth.

Improved clinical and operational skills.

Personal development, leading to greater confidence and leadership abilities.

Increased revenue stream.


£800Plus VAT
  • 1-1 Mentorship
  • Personalised Programme
  • Continuous Support

*Please note, you must undergo a Bespoke Initial Assessment before joining the monthly Mentorship Programme.


€3,995Plus VAT
  • One Time Fee
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis
  • Bespoke Service

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