About Jessica

My Journey

I am Jessica Marritt, a multi-award-winning clinician, deeply committed to the art and science of aesthetics. Since embarking on my professional journey in 2017, I have profoundly influenced aesthetic practices on an international scale. Now celebrated as the number one practitioner in the UK and Europe, my dedication to excellence shines through my innovative techniques and insightful academic contributions.


As the first non-medic led practitioner in the country to be trained in advanced skin tightening laser treatments, I have been handpicked by industry leaders to work alongside esteemed surgeons and doctors worldwide. My journey in aesthetics over the past decade is a narrative of unwavering dedication, groundbreaking innovation, and unparalleled excellence. From my early days as a skilled phlebotomist to becoming a distinguished non-surgical aesthetic practitioner, each step of my journey has been driven by an unquenchable passion for advancing the field.

As the Founder and Director of Second Look Aesthetics, with prestigious clinics in the United Kingdom and Spain, I have endeavoured to establish centres of excellence in aesthetic practice and education. These centres are a reflection of my commitment to the highest standards of patient care and professional development.

A global vision

My adventurous journey in aesthetics began in 2017 with the inauguration of my first clinic in Spain. This bold move marked the start of an extraordinary international presence in the aesthetic realm. Annually, I am entrusted with the care of approximately 1,400 clients across my clinics in Malaga and the United Kingdom, a clear indicator of my expansive reach and the deep trust clients place in me.

Historically, I have divided my time between the UK and Spain, ensuring hands-on leadership and consistent quality service in both countries. This bicultural operation highlights the vast amount of work and acclaim I have achieved, especially in Spain, where my brand is a recognized name.

My client base is remarkably international, extending far beyond local boundaries. I take pride in serving a diverse clientele from various locations, including within Spain – from Seville to Barcelona and the Canary Islands – and unique territories like Melilla and Gibraltar. Moreover, my services attract clients from neighbouring countries like Morocco and Algeria. This wide geographic reach is a testament to my clinic’s reputation for excellence, drawing clients who are willing to travel great distances by plane to access my top-tier aesthetic treatments.

Such a diverse clientele not only speaks to my clinical expertise but also to my ability to cater to and satisfy a broad spectrum of aesthetic needs and preferences.