How To Get A Business Mentor In UK?

Finding a business mentor is crucial for any entrepreneur looking to succeed. Many people neglect the benefits of having a proper mentor before starting a venture and struggle as a result.

Having a business mentor in the UK offers many long-term benefits that outweigh the short-term costs. However, before you invest your money, finding the right mentor for your specific industry is crucial.

I, Jessica Marritt, understand the value of mentorship and am here to guide you through the question of ‘how to get a business mentor in UK’, but before that, let’s better understand what these professionals do and the benefits they offer.

What Is A Business Mentor?

A business mentor is a trusted advisor who provides guidance, support, and advice based on their experience and expertise. Different mentors fulfil different needs, so it is essential to find one whose expertise aligns with your requirements.

The goal of hiring a business mentor is to benefit from their experience and knowledge without having to hire them as a full-time team member. They can assist you with personal development and act as a sounding board as you discuss your ideas.

Here at Jessica Marritt, as your business mentor, I will help you arrive at insights independently rather than just telling you what to do. I will listen to your ideas and provide feedback and responses that’ll help you grow.

The Importance Of Having A Business Mentor In UK

Having a business mentor in UK offers numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible. Here are some key reasons why having a mentor is essential for business owners:

Support System: If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you often feel like you have to do everything by yourself. A mentor can provide the professional support you need, giving you the peace of mind of knowing someone has your back.

Pay and Career Advancement: A five-year study by Gartner of 1,000 employees revealed that 25% of those enrolled in mentoring programmes saw a pay increase. In contrast, only 5% of those not in the programme experienced this.  This clearly shows the importance of mentoring in professional careers.

Increased Promotion Rates: With a business mentor like me, you can learn new ways to advance your career. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, people who have mentors have a higher chance of getting promoted than people who don’t.

Enhanced Chances Of Success: With the insights and advice of an efficient business mentor, you can avoid common pitfalls and compliance issues. This, in turn, reduces the risk of failure and ensures that your business becomes a success.

What A Business Mentor Does?

Business mentors offer guidance on big ideas and strategic decisions rather than day-to-day tasks. They provide overall business experience and specialisation, which could be industry-specific or focused on working with startups.

Here are some key roles a business mentor might play:

  • Guidance: Helping you navigate through difficult decisions.
  • Feedback: Providing you with constructive criticism and insights.
  • Support: Acting as a sounding board for your ideas.
  • Specialised Knowledge: Offering expertise in specific areas relevant to your business.

Cost Of Hiring A Business Mentor In The UK

Here at Jessica Marritt, I offer three business coaching and mentoring packages:

  • Monthly Mentorship Package: This package costs £800 and includes one-on-one mentorship, a personalised mentorship programme, and continuous support.
  • International Mentorship Package: This package costs €3,995 one-time and offers comprehensive business analysis and bespoke services to international clients.
  • Bespoke Initial Assessment Package: This package has a £2,500 one-time fee for comprehensive business analysis and bespoke service.

How To Get A Business Mentor In UK

When wondering how to get a business mentor in UK, consider the following:

  1. Assess Their Experience And Expertise

When searching for a business mentor, one of the first things to consider is their experience and expertise. Look for someone with a proven track record in your industry or a related field. Their practical insights, knowledge, and successes can provide invaluable guidance as you navigate challenges and opportunities.

An experienced mentor has likely faced similar obstacles and can offer tested strategies for overcoming them. They can also share insights about industry trends, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Compatibility And Rapport

Effective communication, mutual respect, and trust are the foundations of a healthy mentor-mentee relationship. Seek someone whose values align with yours and with whom you feel comfortable openly discussing your goals and challenges.

Compatibility ensures that you can have honest conversations without fear of judgement. Building a rapport with your mentor can foster a supportive environment where you feel encouraged to take risks and grow.

  1. Consider Their Coaching Style

Find out whether their method suits your preferred style of learning. Some mentors are hands-on and provide specific instructions, while others encourage self-discovery and offer guidance through probing questions. Understanding your learning style can help you choose a mentor whose online business mentoring methods will be most effective for you.

For example, a mentor who provides detailed action plans might be a better fit if you prefer a more structured approach. Conversely, a mentor who encourages independent thinking could be ideal if you thrive on exploration and creativity.

  1. Seek Feedback And Recommendations

When pondering the question of ‘how to get a business mentor in UK,’ reaching out to others who have worked with the potential mentor or coach is the best way to go. Their experiences can shed light on the impact and effectiveness of the mentoring relationship. Ask about the mentor’s communication style, availability and the tangible benefits they provided. Personal testimonials can provide valuable insights, helping you make an informed decision.

  1. Availability And Commitment

Ensure you select a provider for business mentoring in UK that has the time and willingness to invest in your development. Discuss their availability upfront and establish a schedule that works for both parties. Choose someone who prioritises your development and offers regular interaction with ongoing support throughout your journey.

  1. Evaluate Their Ability To Provide Constructive Criticism

A great mentor offers not only praise but challenges you to improve. Constructive feedback is valuable to you when it comes to identifying areas for growth and development. That is why looking for a mentor who can balance encouragement with critical insights is essential, as their honest assessments can help you refine your strategies and achieve better outcomes.

  1. Consider Their Network

A seasoned mentor can connect you with beneficial people, possible partners, or clients. A strong network can accelerate your business’s growth and increase your opportunities. Choose mentors with extensive networks as they can open doors that would have otherwise remained closed, providing you with access to resources, collaborations, and new markets.

  1. Assess Their Adaptability

The business landscape evolves rapidly. That is why looking for a mentor who stays updated with industry trends and can guide you through changing dynamics is crucial. An adaptable mentor can help you pivot when necessary and seize new opportunities as they arise. They can help you navigate uncertainty and provide relevant advice in a fast-changing environment.

  1. Be Open To Diversity

A mentor from a different background or perspective can offer fresh insights and challenge your assumptions, fostering innovation and creativity. Embrace diversity when looking for a business mentor to gain a broader view of the business landscape. Their diverse perspectives encourage you to think outside the box and find smart solutions.


Finding the right business mentor in the UK can significantly impact your success as an entrepreneur. When considering how to get a business mentor in UK that matches the industry’s specific requirements, carefully consider the qualities and expertise of potential mentors and follow the steps outlined above.

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